Best Locally-brewed Artisan Drinks of 2020

by Stefan TirtaJan 26, 2021

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Usually when I have the desire to explore and find new things, it would revolve around looking for new music or new films. Last year, I found myself digging into an unexpected interest, albeit one that I have always been familiar with. With hours and hours of time at home, accrued due to the ongoing pandemic happening before us, I began to dive deeper into the world of drink, spending more and more on my drinks of choice. In that process, I came to discover new things to consume, mainly local brews that have since made an impression on me.

Some of them are quite experimental in their composition, some of them not so much. Some of the local breweries in the end became “one-hit wonders” while others expanded their business further. From the many different drinks I tasted, I stumbled upon a particular category that I felt was suitable to make a recommendation list of: local, organic drinks where 80 to 100% of the ingredients were sourced entirely from local resources. I feel that this is a huge leap in the development of the creative economy, agriculture, food technology, cultural, and craft sectors.

The fact that us Indonesians have the initiative to effectively utilize our local agricultural resources and process them into good quality, artisanal products is an indicator of our creative resilience in the face of crisis. Not to mention the fact that Indonesia’s vast cultural legacy is somewhat being added to through these creations, but hey, that can be a topic for a later piece. Please do note that these are just the private opinions of a consumer who feels that he knows a lot, but I hope that they hit the mark.

Without further ado, here are several variants of purely handmade, locally-produced drinks, be them fermented brews, living drinks or simple cocktails, that were first sold in 2020 that not only contribute to the country’s small business (SME) scene but also towards a good drinking experience. Please enjoy the taste of these drinks and happy reading. 

As my mother always says, “Stay hydrated.”



Brewed by PALAPALA Nusantara
Ingredients: nutmeg fruits, cloves, cinnamon barks, star anise.
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2. Petals (Rosé Wine)

Photo: Birthday Suit

Brewed by Birthday Suit
Ingredients: 80% Alphonse Lavallée, 10% cherries and blueberries, 10% apple cider.
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3. SOUR Kombucha

Photo: SOUR Fermentary

Brewed by SOUR Fermentary
Ingredients: sweet tea, SCOBY (symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast), fruit juice.
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4. Rahayu

Photo: Brew and Jhon Brewery

Brewed by Brew and Jhon Brewery
Ingredients: Subang pineapple, Indramayu mango, water, yeast.
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5. Penjajah Rempah-rempah

Photo: Bali Boozy

Brewed by Bali Boozy
Ingredients: Bali arrack, spices, groundnut orgeat, lime.
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