The Best Songs Released in 2020 for Your Daily Run

by Madrim DjodyJan 26, 2021

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Are you looking for a suitable playlist to accompany you while you do your daily running sessions? I know it’s not easy to find songs that both fit your taste and is also at a comfortable 80 – 140 beats-per-minute (BPM) that synchronizes with the tempo of your heartbeat. From my observation, sports-themed playlists online made by certain media outlets or brands are usually filled with popular, mainstream songs that don’t really offer much to the experience.

As a way of offering an alternative, Studiorama are offering you a playlist, with a duration of 90 minutes, that is tailored with songs released in 2020 which have BPM rates that are fit for endurance-based long runs. I suggest you listen to the playlists from beginning to end, starting from songs which implore you to take it easy for the first few minutes before the heat gradually turns up. 

If you dig the likes of Bent, Tycho, Disclosure and Honey Dijon, then this playlist is for you. Enjoy your listen, have a good exercise, and remember to always stay healthy.

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Madrim Djody
An outgoing introvert lady obsessed with music and technology, also passionate in building a community in the creative sector. A vegetarian who's trying to cut her dairy and egg consumption, believes that work-life balance is essential, and loves practicing daily meditation to keep her Zen. Besides being a part of Studiorama, she is also the co-founder of Archipelago Festival.
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