The Tastiest Small, Local Culinary Businesses in 2020

by Adythia UtamaJan 28, 2021

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The dreadful blanket of uncertainty that enveloped 2020 forced many people to go beyond their comfort zones and try new things to survive or stay sane. From my observations, a lot of people began starting small culinary businesses as a way for them to cope and experiment, filling the local culinary scene with an abundance of tasty, new dishes. Therefore, it’s a pleasure for SKEMEK by Jajalable to compile this list of 9 culinary businesses who we think are the best entries of 2020.

Disclaimer: some of the entries we listed below may have already closed or are currently inactive, but who knows, maybe after they see this list they would restart their businesses again. Also, click the photos if you want to be redirected to the culinary businesses’ Instagram accounts.

9. Lidah Kiri

8. Toko25

7. Bearrito

6. Suka Pedas

5. bake 22/7

4. Cooking Ibu

3. Sammich

2. Kedai Briyani by Caca

1. Nasgero

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Adythia Utama
A director that likes to eat good food. Has ambitions on having his own pizzeria and cinema. His days are spent recording and editing videos, making pizzas, shitposting on Twitter, and making music that isn’t really liked by the general public.
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