Digital Letter Drop #1: Django – ‘Ungodly Hours’

by AldousDec 18, 2020

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Digital Letter Drop is a column that features music releases (songs, playlists, mixtapes, and more), videos, and even artworks submitted to us online. Send your work via the button below to get the chance to be featured on Printscreen. Our lovely friend Aldous is always ready to help curate the materials we receive.

The first chosen work comes from Django, who presents us with his newest mix, made in the heat of the pandemic, Ungodly Hours.

Dear Studiorama,

I formed this mix with the simple idea of imagining myself playing set times that I’ve never done before at any of my DJ-ing gigs, especially in Jakarta. There are few, if any, events or venues here that stretch their hours to 4am or 5am. I feel that the role of a venue’s business hours on nightlife culture is incredibly significant to the point that it influences the tracks that a DJ chooses in their sets. But hey, I’m just trying to imagine things.

The mix’s artwork is made by me. I’m pretty inept at visual design, so I hope this is good enough. It features a warped sculpture and a photo of an entrance gate to a park I went to in the Jewish quarter of Krakow, Poland. Those two objects don’t have a direct connection with each other, other than the fact that both are made from concrete.

The tracks that I selected in this mix are ones that I rarely play at gigs. You can find stuff from Minor Science, Blu Terra, HVL and Hodge in it. I especially like Hodge’s recent release Shadows in Blue, which I think is interesting due to the different musical direction that they have taken compared to their previous releases.


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Decided to pursue his interest in the music world after seeing the promotional video for Blur’s “Coffee and TV” on local TV channel in 2001.
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