Memento Ep. 3: To Each His Own Discern (Patrick Resiyaman)

by Irina ChatarinaJun 15, 2021

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A talk with important figure about interpreting moments through songs + mixtape made from tracks chosen by guest contributors = Memento, a program hosted by Irina Chatarina. Have a listen.

Guest star: Patrick Resiyaman
Guest contributors: Kareem Soenharjo, Karisya Putri, Mei Basri, Nial Djuliarso, Nyemas Indah, Reno Nismara

After we decided on the theme “Reaching What’s Within” for this edition, I became reminded of a book that was given to me by a friend (or more accurately, borrowed but never returned): Khalil Gibran’s excellent tome of human fulfillment and self-exploration, The Beloved: Reflection on the Path of the Heart.

The book was given to me by Patrick Resiyaman Oratmangun, a professor and former vice dean at a leading communications university in Jakarta. Patrick, who has lived in six countries, is extremely talented in writing and painting.

I decided to contact Patrick after five years of losing touch with him, to ask for his written and musical response towards a specific poem on the book. What followed was a reflection on life and also a playlist that conveys the madness of this current era.

I also contacted six different figures to do the same, from jazz pianist Nial Djuliarso to young musician Kareem Soenharjo.

Hear Patrick reciting his poems, as well as listen to songs chosen by him and the guest contributors, on the mixtape below.

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