Memento Ep. 1: The First Time (Candra Darusman)

by Irina ChatarinaDec 18, 2020

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A talk with important figure about interpreting moments through songs + mixtape made from tracks chosen by guest contributors = Memento, a program hosted by Irina Chatarina. Have a listen.

Guest star: Candra Darusman
Guest contributors: Ade Paloh, Anto Hoed, David Tarigan, Jonny Trunk, Leon Michels, Zee Avi

In the first episode of Memento, Irina talks with legendary musician Candra Darusman, who is known for his work with Chaseiro, Karimata, as well as his rich solo output. Candra talks to us about the songs that inspired him to make the dive into music.

Irina has also asked six other musical figures, both local (Ade Paloh! Anto Hoed! David Tarigan!) and international (Jonny Trunk! Leon Michels! Zee Avi!) to contribute their own selections that inspired them to choose a life of music.

Memento Ep. 1: The First Time with Candra Darusman


The Temptations – “The First Time Ever (I Saw Your Face)”
“It’s always nice to listen to this song whenever the skies are grey. That’s why it’s the perfect start to this serene playlist.” -Irina Chatarina-

Manhattan Jazz Orchestra – “Yesterday”
“The original Beatles version is my favourite song of all-time.” -Candra Darusman, musician-

Chicago – “Saturday in the Park”
“The song that inspired me to dive into the music world.” -Candra Darusman, musician-

Michael Jackson – “Off the Wall”
This is the song that made me want to study dance. You can say that I was into dancing before I was into playing music. [laughs]” -Ade Paloh, musician/vocalist and guitarist of Sore-

Madness – “Baggy Trousers”
I was inspired to go into music after I first heard this song way back when I was still in school in the Netherlands around 1970 – 1980.” -Anto Hoed, musician/bassist of Potret-

 The Rollies – “Sun Shine Brother Hood”
The tune that kickstarted my deep interest in Indonesian music and become inspired to start archiving Indonesia’s vast musical world.” -David Tarigan, founder of Irama Nusantara-

Deodato – “Baubles, Bangles and Beads”
“A song that reminds me of my youth in Moscow.” -Candra Darusman, musician-

Gilbert O’Sullivan – “Alone Again (Naturally)” 
“The song that inspired me to go into music.” -Zee Avi, singer and songwriter from Malaysia-

Burt Bacharach – “Do You Know the Way to San Jose”
“The song that motivated me to start Trunk Records.” -Jonny Trunk, founder of Trunk Records (UK), writer, broadcaster, and DJ-

Edda Dell’Orso – “Giù la testa (Tema)”
“One of the songs that made me want to know more about film scoring.” -Irina Chatarina-

Billie Holiday – “Do Nothing ‘Till You Hear from Me”
“The first song that I learnt on the saxophone.” -Leon Michels, musician/bandleader of El Michels Affair-

Chet Baker – “Bye Bye Black Bird”
“I’ve been listening to The Beatles original many times lately.” -Candra Darusman, musician-

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