On Paper: Vira Talisa & Tatjana Saphira

by Yogha PrasiddhamuktiDec 18, 2020

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On Paper is a column born from the idea of combining the aesthetic of zines with digital media. It features a series of light interviews with various figures and encourages them to share their opinions on anything they like. All the answers are written in the sheet that we provide the subjects, giving the interview a more personal touch, and scanned into this column.

For the inaugural edition of On Paper, we are joined by two prominent figures at a time (because, why not?) from music and film: singer/songwriter Vira Talisa and young actress Tatjana Saphira. We are delighted to welcome them to On Paper.

Aside from asking questions that make us know them a little better, we also asked them to show us their drawing skills.

Vira Talisa

Foto oleh Rendha Rais

Full name?
Vira Talisa.

What keeps you busy these days? Are you working on anything?
A lot! Aside from all the music (wait for it) and brand work, I’m spending a lot of time doing things around the house like gardening, cooking, decorating my room, making a shelf for the bathroom and exercising. I like it at home hehehe.

If you weren’t a singer, what else would you do?
Anything creative. An art director maybe? Or producing videos or maybe become an illustrator or teaching French. But I don’t want to teach by the book, I want to teach what’s relevant to daily life in France, like telling you that the notable food you’ll find in France is not escargot but kebabs.

What is the first record that you ever bought?
Linkin Park – Meteora <3

What are three albums that you recommend, that must be heard?
1. Lamp – Tokyo Utopia
2. Taeko Ohnuki – Cahier
3. Herbie Hancock – Sunlight

Tell us a lyric that you’d want to get tattooed on you.
Maybe I’ll put it by my work desk, yeah? 🙂 “Your chances are awfully good!”

What is the song that you’ll choose as the warmup to your karaoke session?
The Carpenters – “Yesterday Once More”

You can’t be you today without these three things:
1. Failing
2. Having the courage to learn again
3. Giving confidence to others
^^ Aaa, too heavy…

What is a moment that changed your life?
When I finally had the courage to show my work to others.

Give us your favourite French joke.
Je peux piquer ta blonde?
(find the meaning yourself! It’s not funny if you explain it)

What new skill did you learn at home during social distancing?
Gardening and teaching a language.

What inspires you lately?
Kindness. How being kind to others can take you places and situations you would never expect.

What’s the first thing you think about when you wake up?
“I haven’t watered the kale plant.”

Recommend us three films for us watch when we don’t know what else to do.
1. Pom Poko
2. The Laundromat
3. Marriage Story!!!

If you were a place, where would you be?
Tol Jagorawi.

What are three essential things that make you happy?
1. Eating good food
2. The morning sun
3. The shower

What advice would you give to the people around you?
Don’t take for granted of what you already have.

What should people do on social media, and what shouldn’t people do
on social media?
Should: Watch corgi videos!! Nah, on a serious note, social media can be very nourishing on our brains. There’s a lot of cool artists, mind opening videos, great writing, good music, and useful information (and
you can sell things also).
Should not: gossip or mind other people’s business.

Draw whatever you feel like drawing here:

Tatjana Saphira

Full name?
Tatjana Saphira Hartmann.

Do you have a nickname or special name others gave you?
Tatzy 🙂

What keeps you busy these days? Are you working on anything?
Cooking and trying to stay fit!

Do you remember the first ever film that you watched?
The Lion King?

Who is the first actor or actress that you idolized?
Hilary Duff.

Who is your favourite director — to the point where you want to act in their films?
David Fincher — most of my favourite films are directed by him.

What is your favourite Indonesian film of all time?
Laskar Pelangi 🙂

What was the last film you watched that really inspired you?
Into the Wild — immediately inspired to go on an adventure :p

What or who inspires you lately?
My friends — we’re going through a really weird situation right now, seeing how they cope with it impresses me!

What song has been stuck in your head lately?
“Whip Appeal (12-inch Version)” by Baby Face.

What new skill did you learn at home during social distancing?
– Painting (cheated by looking at Pinterest :p)
– Cooking Indonesian cuisine (which is really hard!)

What’s the first thing you think about when you wake up?
How many hours of sleep did I get?

What is the first thing you do, on a whim, when you don’t know what else to do?
Order food from GoFood!

What trend in Indonesia should not exist next year or ever again?
Dancing on TikTok? Omg sorry!

What are you waiting for so much this year?
For the time when I can go on holidays + the release of new movies!

When was the last time you laughed real hard?
When I met my friend and turns out we were wearing the same outfit! (I laughed because it was embarrassing!)

When you hear the word beauty’, what is the first thing that comes into your mind?
Being comfortable and confident with yourself.

What is the one piece of advice by your parents that still resonates with you?
Always know what you bring to the table, always know your worth!

Draw something that represents your current feelings.

About the Author

Yogha Prasiddhamukti
A fan of talking (and interviewing people) due to his previous experiences as a reporter, editor and freelance writer for various music-related media in the past decade. This dry-humored fellow is also the founder of the Winona Tapes label, an occasional DJ, and a member of alternative pop/rock band Skandal.
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