Do You Remember the First Time?

by Reno NismaraDec 18, 2020

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Briefly about moments of firsts, efforts in adapting, and introducing: Printscreen.

When was the last time you did something for the first time? Before 2020, it might be difficult for many of us to answer that question because the truth is, it’s probably been ages since we tried something completely new. Maybe it’s because for so long we’ve become trapped in our routines and that we choose to play things safe. Or maybe it’s because we don’t have the resources or the time to start anything new. You know, the usual reasons.

However, when 2020 came and reared its ugly head, with the extraordinary conditions it brought onto the world, it’s as if we’re all forced to explore or experience new things such as: spending months working from home, wearing a face mask everywhere we go, starting a new hobby or business, buying tickets to virtual concerts, having a drink with your mates over the webcam, or merely spending more time with the family at home.

It’s common for all of us to see 2020 as a year full of trials and tribulations.
However, the fact that we have experienced a lot of things for the first time this year, and will continue to do so in the future, has helped shape our mindset to adapt with new things quicker. It’s something to keep on getting used to, bearing in mind that we’ll likely still be trapped in our homes until everything is considered safe again.

It is based on that spirit that creative collective Studiorama and design bureau Table Six chose to work together to create Printscreen, a multimedia publication which focuses on popular culture. Neither Studiorama nor Table Six have had any prior experience in creating something like this before, but our desire to try something new and to provide freshness in terms of contents as well as the methods/designs in presenting them has spurred us to, for lack of a better phrase, just do it. So, our answer to the question that opens this writing is: now.

Enjoy Printscreen.

P.S. related to moments of firsts, here’s a playlist of songs that struck a chord in me from the very first listen.

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Reno Nismara
The six stitches on his head made him believe that the world is full of sharp edges. Co-founder of the creative collective Studiorama, as well as vocalist and tambourine shaker for a band called Crayola Eyes.
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