Reaching What’s Within

by Reno NismaraJun 15, 2021

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Briefly about looking inward.

It‘s never easy to dig deep within yourself. Even the ancient Greek philosophers, with their perennial wisdoms, admit that life’s biggest challenge is “to know thyself”. Not only does the process of self-reflection takes the kind of time and effort most people aren’t willing to give, but many are reluctant to do so because they worry about what they will find out. Moreover, the unwillingness to prioritize it more than their desire to please others.

This is where the pandemic becomes useful (the word ‘pandemic’ and ‘useful’ in the same sentence? Who would’ve thought?). Add to that the spirit of a new year, which has driven us to hit our respective reset buttons. Yes, the daily routines go on, but our restricted mobility — driven by the need to quarantine — gives us a lot of time to look into ourselves. The decrease in frequency to meet other people can also shift the mindset to focus on oneself — of course while also minding the boundaries of other people around you.

For the second edition of Printscreen, we try to touch on the subject of looking inward through the articles published. You will find Madrim Djody’s personal musings on how her musical tastes came to be, an insightful interview with Indonesian football icon Rochi Putiray (where he talks about his childhood in Ambon, his playing years, and other reflective topics), a list of documentaries compiled by Dylan Amirio of Logic Lost based on a new interest he now obsesses over, film recommendations on the topic of self-reflection, and many more.

By writing these articles, we at Printscreen were opened up to new perspectives and references regarding self-reflection, and even managed to learn new things about ourselves in the process. We hope you will feel the same way when reading them; discovering interesting points that resonate with you and, subsequently, helping you to know yourself further. Enjoy.

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Reno Nismara
The six stitches on his head made him believe that the world is full of sharp edges. Co-founder of the creative collective Studiorama, as well as vocalist and tambourine shaker for a band called Crayola Eyes.
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