SKEMEK by Jajalable: Stufa Eat & Brew

by Adythia UtamaJun 15, 2021

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Skena Kemek, shortened as SKEMEK, is a video-based column that covers small-scale food businesses started by members of the creative scene.

For the second episode of SKEMEK, we head to Cipete Utara to try out Stufa Eat & Brew, the eatery owned by South Jakarta rapper, Laze. We ordered the Big Combo, which consists of two pieces of fried chicken, one big waffle, maple syrup, dipping sauce, and your choice of drink between lychee iced tea or lemon tea.

Check out our visit in the video below.

For those in the scene that wants their business to be covered in this column, send your info to with “SKEMEK” as the email subject.

About the Author

Adythia Utama
A director that likes to eat good food. Has ambitions on having his own pizzeria and cinema. His days are spent recording and editing videos, making pizzas, shitposting on Twitter, and making music that isn’t really liked by the general public.
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