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by Reno NismaraDec 18, 2020

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Suggestive Consumptions is a column that showcases various recommendations — on whatever medium — that are worth to consume. For this inaugural edition, we invite two friends who dish out some of their favorite comedy programs, respectively revolving around Netflix and Conan O’Brien.

Narantara Sitepu (Casual Fan Club)

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Tara is probably the only person within our circle that devotes a meticulous eye towards the world of stand-up comedy. He always gives us his deep opinions on the latest comedy specials, usually while holding a glass of Irish whiskey (and while sporting a vein on his neck talking about it).

The reason that Tara became so into stand-up comedy itself sounds like it is
pulled straight from a comedian’s script: “My uncle once brought me a Jeff
Dunham DVD he bought abroad. I was kind of forced to watch that, even though I didn’t really like it. [Dunham] isn’t funny. From there, I started to look for comedians who are actually funny”.

In this column, Tara gives us a list of several comedic acts available on Netflix for your viewing pleasure.

Taylor Tomlinson – Quarter-Life Crisis

“From the classic tropes of being forced to get married soon, the madness of
technology, having kids, and orgasms, Taylor Tomlinson pragmatically recounts the funny things that happened in her life at the age of 25. Spoiler alert: she hated being in her 20s.”

Bill Burr – You People are All the Same

“The current best professional asshole in the biz today, bar none. His rants blur the line between what society expects of you and who you are as a person.”

Mo Gilligan – Momentum

“His jokes are intertwined with his spot on UK urban references and a perfect sense of leading his band to be a part of his skits (most involving his family).”

Rory Scovel – Rory Scovel Tries Stand-up for the First Time

“His opening joke? Asking about anal for a good couple of minutes. His show? So weird it’s brilliant.”

Iliza Shlesinger – Confirmed Kills

“Iliza is in your face, loud and hilarious. She delivers her observations on what it takes to be a woman her age whilst still occasionally invoking the #PartyTroll.”

Daniel Sloss – Live Shows

“Daniel Sloss is smart because his parents are atheists. If you see his show, you’ll know why that makes sense.”

Nikki Glaser – The Degenerates

“She’s bad at handjobs and guitar. She’s amazing at comedy.”

Nate Bargatze – The Tennessee Kid

“A deadpan genius, he delivers a wide range of material from moving a dead horse to his father’s magic.”

Ronny Chieng – Asian Comedian Destroys America!

“Ronny Chieng is angry, real angry. Watch him take down America with aplomb, take on stereotypes with ease and make a case for an Asian US president with hilarious pragmatism.”

Michael Che – Michael Che Matters

“If you want to know more about Black Lives Matter, you can find a lot of context in stand-up comedy acts: from the ramblings of the legendary Richard Pryor to this comedy special by Michael Che. Those two comedians live in different times, but both faced the same kind of discrimination. Nothing has changed.”

Haetam Attamimy (@BRMCIndonesia)

Photo by Rizki Hakim Pratama

It’s impossible not to fall for Conan O’Brien’s immaculate charisma. If there is anyone that can be said to be Conan’s biggest fan, at least around here, Etam is probably it. He explains his worship as objectively as he can: “I admit Conan isn’t really that good at writing sketches or routine segments, but he is amazing at bringing his comedy outside the studio, especially when he is travelling. It’s raw, unpretentious, and always funny.”

“Because Conan isn’t at his best in the studio environment, I tend to focus more on his guest stars. I observed that many of his recurring guests have great chemistry with him,” Etam, who first got hooked through the interviews Conan did with Louis CK dan Bill Burr, explained.

Below, you can find Etam’s list of ten favourite Conan guest stars. All aboard the Conan train!

Bill Burr

“It’s obvious that Bill Burr feels comfortable to rant as hilariously transparent as possible whenever he’s on Conan.”

Jeff Goldblum

“He’s hilariously weird. So is Conan, even though not as much. They’re just a perfect match.”

Bill Hader

“Their love for 1950s mannerisms made them best friends. Also, Bill Hader can make Conan laugh.”

Will Arnett

“A lot of reasons, that includes Jason Bateman’s embarrassing photos.”

Timothy Olyphant

“Timothy Olyphant knows how to make fun of Conan.”

Steven Yeun

“There’s chemistry, clearly. If you’re not convinced, check out that remote where they went to a Korean spa.”

Paul Rudd

“Come on, we’re all waiting for the next episode involving one of the longest-running jokes in television history; the Mac and Me clip.”

Nikki Glaser

“She’s just too funny to skip. That’s it.”

Joel McHale

“Real-life Jeff Winger kills it every time on Conan.”

Claudia O’Doherty

“Legend has it that that you’re funny if you can make Conan coughs as he laughs. She’s one of those few people.”

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